Fiance Visa From Philippines To Australia

Fiance Visa From Philippines To Australia

Down Under Visa are professional Migration Agents, registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority, a statutory body set up by the Australian Government to regulate the standards of the profession, and to give protection to consumers.

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Want to bring your Filipina sweetheart to Australia?

| June 28, 2011
Jeff Harvie with a client in the Down Under Visa office.

Jeff Harvie with a Client in the Down Under Visa Office

Have you met the girl of your dreams in the Philippines? Have you decided you want to bring this Filipina lady with you to Australia where you will marry her? Have you looked up the Australian visa requirements on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website and realised that this is not so easy? There is not a lot of room for error, and there is a real risk of visa refusal if you don’t get this right. We understand what you’re going through, and we understand how it feels. We, Jeff and Mila Harvie, went through all of this ourselves years ago when Mila came to Australia on a fiancée visa. This is what made us venture into Migration Law practice in the first place. We specialise in fiancée visas* and spouse visas from Philippines. In fact this is 99%+ of what we do, along with tourist visa applications.

Jeff Harvie in the Down Under Visa Office

Jeff Harvie in the Down Under Visa Office

Jeff Harvie is an Australian Registered Migration Agent (MARN 0959797), registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). He operates Down Under Visa in partnership with his Filipina wife Mila. MARA is part of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, and is the Government authority appointed with the task of ensuring that Registered Migration Agents are qualified and ethical in their practices, and is there to deal with consumer complaints. Mila, a former school teacher born and educated in Philippines, overseas administration and takes care of the specific needs of the Filipina lady clients and other Tagalog speakers.

Our success rate is remarkable, and we understand what is needed to see your application for an Australian visa goes through the system smoothly. We understand the depths of the Migration Act (1958) and the Migration Regulations (1994), as well as the Departmental policy and procedures for interpreting Migration Law. We will manage your case and your Australian visa application by assessing your case, assessing and recording your personal information, helping you and your Filipina girlfriend or fiancee prepare all your personal documents and specific visa requirements, preparing and lodging your visa application with a proper legal submission, and personally dealing with issues that may come up with the Department (Manila Embassy, ie. the Australian Embassy in Philippines), right down to when your fiance visa (aka fiancee visa) gets granted.

Mila Harvie with a client

Mila Harvie with another happy Down Under Visa client.

If your fiancée is from the Philippines, we can provide a level of service and insights second to none. Why is this? Because we’ve been through the migration process ourselves (Jeff & Mila are an Australian/Filipina couple), and we have our main office in the Philippines (in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila). We can guide you through the “system” in Philippines for obtaining correct documents and other visa requirements, and can help with personal issues and cultural issues that may confuse and frustrate you along the way.

*NB. Fiancee Visas are also known as Subclass 300 Visas, or Prospective Marriage Visas. Spouse Visas and Partner Visas are also known as Subclass 309 Visas, or Partner temporary visas.

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Jeff and Down Under Visa in the Philippines

Jeff Harvie

Jeff understands the fears, stresses, problems and pitfalls that the migration process has for those who have not been through it before. His wife Mila, originally from the Philippines, was working in Hong Kong when they met years ago. What this means is that Jeff and Mila have been through what you're probably going through now, and they have the experience and first-hand knowledge to understand and manage your case for you in a professional and caring way.

Before venturing into migration law, Jeff had a background in business management consultancy, and in rural land development. He has unique skills in problem-solving and in structuring effective applications to Government departments. He finds migration law consultancy far more personally fulfilling that anything else he's ever done in his career.

They have offices both in Manila (Philippines) and in Australia, although they are practically always in Manila these days. They have a house full of kids, and Jeff's son Jeremy now works in the business as the office superviser. They know that success depends not only on filling out forms properly, but also depends on knowledge of the red-tape processes and complex cross-cultural differences.

Their service not only includes making sure all the legislative and Departmental requirements are met, but also to make sure that overseas forms and checks are carried out properly. Down Under Visa make sure that your application is as close to perfect as an application can be. They're with you every step of the way, from your first enquiry all the way through to getting that visa and starting your new life!